Current Custom Orders In Progress

I’m currently working on 2 custom orders. I try to keep Sunday for personal crafting and family and chores, but I thought I could show you all where I’m at with both orders. That doesn’t really count as working, right?!

The first order I’m working on came to me because of a custom order I had just finished and shared in my InstaGram feed. It’s for a moose hat but with slight differences from the original one. I enjoy that because then it’s not quite the same hat twice in a row!

I think it’s going to be adorable and I know the mother is going to love it.

The second custom order is something a bit different. It was for a fox photography prop for a newborn baby. Not with a diaper cover style bottom though, just with one of those little blankets that drapes over them.

So far so good! I was really happy with my yarn choices. I think it gives a softer, more vintage style to the piece and won’t look so harsh on baby or in photos.

I have tons of personal works in progress and works that I wish were in progress. The life of a crafter is never dull. I’m hoping to make progress on some of them today and then finish a few things up over the course of the upcoming week too. I need to keep a better eye on how many things I have on the go! I always just seem to forget about certain projects when I’m taking a mental tally before starting something new, go figure!!