Current Custom Orders In Progress

I’m currently working on 2 custom orders. I try to keep Sunday for personal crafting and family and chores, but I thought I could show you all where I’m at with both orders. That doesn’t really count as working, right?!

The first order I’m working on came to me because of a custom order I had just finished and shared in my InstaGram feed. It’s for a moose hat but with slight differences from the original one. I enjoy that because then it’s not quite the same hat twice in a row!

I think it’s going to be adorable and I know the mother is going to love it.

The second custom order is something a bit different. It was for a fox photography prop for a newborn baby. Not with a diaper cover style bottom though, just with one of those little blankets that drapes over them.

So far so good! I was really happy with my yarn choices. I think it gives a softer, more vintage style to the piece and won’t look so harsh on baby or in photos.

I have tons of personal works in progress and works that I wish were in progress. The life of a crafter is never dull. I’m hoping to make progress on some of them today and then finish a few things up over the course of the upcoming week too. I need to keep a better eye on how many things I have on the go! I always just seem to forget about certain projects when I’m taking a mental tally before starting something new, go figure!!


Crafting for Kids

This year I decided to vow that I would make more of the gifts for Christmas. I also vowed to do this last year but just never got around to until it was too late to even bother!
I’m happy to say that I have started work on one of the gifts I hope to give to my daughters. They share a very cute pink, white and blue striped room. I even made faux wainscotting and put that on the bottom of their walls. However they have no cute, girly decor or accents in their room.

This photo shows some of my current progress on the Once Upon a Time Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.
I haven’t ever successfully completed a cross stitch, though I have attempted and failed more times than I’d like to admit. I just didn’t “get” it, much like crochet actually. After trying and quitting many times over, something finally just clicked!
So far I am very happy with how it’s turning out and I look forward to the first of each month when the new patterns come out. I am currently behind, but I didn’t decide I wanted to actually try this until mid February. By the time I had my supplies hunted down it was only a couple days before March. I’m hoping to complete the patterns for both February (partially done above) and January this month. And then March and April next month. Any spare time in either month I will devote to trying to finish the framing and squares so that I can just worry about the monthly pattern.
When it’s all done I will be framing it to hang on their bedroom wall, since it won’t be done until December it will be a perfect Christmas gift for them. I may have to come up with my own custom frame too since I doubt any of the stores here will have one that fits it properly.