Weekend Warrior Oct 4-6

It’s Fridaaaay! That means a weekend to do list. I do manage to get more done on weekends as the other half is around and can help entertain kids or have a nap with the baby while I work on stuff uninterrupted.

This weekend I will be getting in as much crochet as possible to fill the orders I got while waiting for my yarn order to come! I would love to get 3 or 4 items crossed off the order list.

I also have plans to bake and freeze a couple dozen buns and muffins. I’d like to get a few logs of cookie dough made up and rolled out for freezing for future days where I have no time to make kids school snacks. I hate having to buy snack foods from the store for them.

I have a couple fall themed crafts that I’d like to accomplish with the kids at some point too. They love to do crafts, so I think they will be pretty happy to get to do some. I’m trying to get it planned out so that we can do one small craft each day of the weekend, it’s some quality time together that doesn’t involve the tv and that builds skills and confidence and creativity.

There is some sewing I’d like to get done too. I have a skirt to make for each of the girls and if time permits I’d love to be able to get a pair of flannel pants done up for each of the boys. My poor large baby is having issues with most store bought baby pants because he has the cutest rolly baby thunder thighs ever!

So there it is. My weekend plans. On Monday we shall see how much I actually managed to get accomplished. You know what they say about best laid plans. And I know my ability to get distracted, and my children’s ability to get me off track. (Which is fine. That happens when you have 4 children 7 and under!)