Get Your Shit Together

Has a television show ever had any kind of profound influence on your life? I’ve been streaming Suits on Netflix and last night we watched an episode where Harvey tells Mike to “get your shit together.” I instantly thought ok Harvey I will. And I’m going to. 

Everyone has their own circumstances, and I definitely haven’t made some the best life choices (some of which caused me unnecessary drama and pain and hardship.) But I can’t let that past continue to keep me from my future. I’m also needing to get my shit together in all areas of my life. It seems like for the past few years if I’ve been able to get things together in one area, that all the other areas end up neglected and worse off than they were. I don’t know how I’m going to go about it, but I guess I will be doing a lot of trial and error and figuring things out as I go. You never know if something is going to work unless you try it. 

One of the major areas I need to work on is decluttering. With 4 children you sure accumulate a lot of things. Especially when summer hits and they’ve brought all their stuff home from school. Papers and pictures and supplies have exploded everywhere. 

I tackled a small, but always problematic, area in our kitchen first. Does everyone have one of these spots? An empty surface that just seems to be the dumping ground for everything when you walk in the door? Well we definitely did, and I finally had to take care of it. There were old bills, kids drawings, birthday cards, important documents that needed to be filed and report cards in the pile. Hopefully now that it’s all nice and clean it will stay that way. The pile really took over a lot of counter space and we don’t have a lot of that to begin with. 


A New Lease on Life

Today is the start of my 9th day of my new workout program! I am following a Hybrid Calendar that I made for use with Turbo Fire and Brazil Butt Lift. This is the first 4 weeks of my program. Today is Tuesday of Week 2.

I’m having ok results so far, I am hoping to amp it up as I start to tweak my diet more.  I didn’t lose much weight, but I did lose 7 inches total in my first week. I made myself take horrible swim suit before pics and am using them as motivation, but I’m not ready to share them yet. I will share my measurements though, this chart shows my starting measurements as of Monday March 9th, 2015 along the far left. My goals (not quite where I was pre-pregnancy, but close) are along the right in the yellow column.  I will be taking and adding my new measurements every week on Sunday for right now. 

I will be working my butt off, hopefully literally from now on to get myself more fit and in better health. I can’t carry on the ways I have been, and I’ve known it for awhile, but been lazy. If I’d dealt with it when I first started, it wouldn’t have gotten this bad but we all know how fun hindsight is. 

I needed some new workout gear as well, my go to brand is of course Lululemon, but I wanted to try out Fabletics since I could get an entire 3 piece outfit for less than the cost of a pair of Lulu pants. I got my first outfit from them yesterday and it was great quality and super cute. I will be ordering two more today because I’m seriously lacking in that department. 

Aside from that I have a couple final exams coming up next week, so I’ve just been trying to tie up loose ends and get in some reviewing time. And stay not stressed while doing it. Hope you’re all having a great St Patrick’s Day!!