March Goals!

I’ve decided that in order to have any semblance of a plan of attack, I should have a list of goals each month. Then at the end of each month, I can go back and look and see how much of what I wanted to do actually got accomplished and where I didn’t necessarily flourish.
My first goal of the month is to sit down tonight and get my last couple listings wrote up so that I can say I officially opened my Etsy shop on March 1st!
I have a list of UFO’s that I need to complete, all in various stages of “doneness.” 1. Horse hat 2. Gumball Hat 3. Herringbone Neck Warmer 4. Scarf for homeless.
I have a list of new items I need to make for my Etsy store, I went through this morning to see what items I needed to order yarn for and I have placed that order so I can get those items dealt with. This includes some Amigurumi work, baby booties, leg warmers and some fun neck accessories.
I have 4 items that I would like to cast/hook on this month that are personal projects. Knitabulls is hosting a stitch surfer sock KAL in March. Technically I haven’t finished my first pair of socks, but I think with all the help and her tutorials that I may just be able to do it. I love the way they look and have been dying to own a pair. This is my lofty goal…so I’m hoping to get them cast on and off, but we will see once I browse the tutorial videos. I also would like to hook up another couple dishcloths to add to my gifting dishcloth stash. The last thing I’d like to cast on this month for myself is the Hanois Cowl on Ravelry. I ordered a very pretty skein of hand dyed yarn from my friends shop on Etsy, ChaoticYarns. I think it will look great in this cowl and there should be enough yardage left to also make myself a pair of fingerless gloves or wristers to match.
I would like to actually get some sewing in this month! I need some project bags and have had the fabric to make them for months now, so it’s time to buckle down and get at them. I also need a new hook and needle roll, so it would be wonderful to be able to stitch those up too.
I got the linen and embroidery threads to do my Once Upon a Time Sampler last week. This morning I woke up to have the March square in my inbox, so my plan for March is to finish both the March and February squares so in April I can work on January and Aprils. I have some of the “framework” stitches in, but I think I will try to work on the frame section that goes with whatever square I’m currently working on. I will be framing this and gifting it to my daughters for Christmas as their combined Christmas gift, so very excited to see how it turns out and to make progress on it!
I am going to try to exercise 3 days a week this month, plus start a morning “get energized and stretched out for the day” routine. I need to clear the treadmill off before the end of the weekend because my first run will be Monday.
Along with exercising my body, I have a goal to read 2 books this month. One a self help style book, called “The Success Principals” by Jack Canfield. I have it on Kobo so I can read from my phone or iPad. I also want to read “Bossy Pants” by Tina Fey. I bought it in paperback well over a year ago and haven’t stopped to make the time to read it yet.
So, those are my main goals this month. Being able to accomplish them will require me to be more vigilant in other areas of my life, like house keeping and meal planning. But I think it will all work out, and I am going to work hard to make it all work out. Stick with me, and watch my journey through March unfold!


Playing Catch Up

Ok, legitimately I think every day I play catch up. Nothing is ever caught up on right now between the house being torn apart for renovations and me being completely useless for housework with the end of this pregnancy. I feel like every day things just get farther and farther behind. It’s horrible for my anxiety issues!! I did, however, manage to accomplish a few things and that makes me happy because, well, because it’s better than nothing!

1. Dishes! Finally washed the dishes that can’t be out in the dishwasher. Really, Camille did it, but I dried them, so it counts.
2. Washed my laundry so that I actually had appropriate clothing to wear and also to pack in a bag for the hospital when that time comes. This is actually the first time I’ve ever packed this bag ahead of time. With all 3 previous pregnancies I rushed around having contractions and trying to pack the bag before I died of pain.
3. Found sunscreen (SPF 50 even) so now I don’t have to worry about my poor ginger children frying to a crisp when they play outside all day. Probably wouldn’t hurt for me to put some on too. They get their ginger from someone…me…and I’m already rocking quite the tan lines this year.
4. Finally sewed and trimmed up the reusable breast pads I’d had cut out for weeks. They needed to be ironed. I didn’t want to iron, so they sat. Today I made damn sure to do it.
5. Cut and upcycled my daughters 2 pairs of jeans. They were too short for her, but still fit in the waist. I turned one pair into this skirt:

And the other pair got hemmed up into shorts for her, but then I thought they were too plain. I remember seeing these pocket bows on Pinterest and Instagram so I decided I would give them a shot:


Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to make the most of my evening. The kids are in bed (seriously fresh air all day is the best thing ever!) and Camille is finishing building a deck at his parents. In all likelihood I should finish seaming that granny square baby quilt, but I don’t know that I can bring myself to do it right now. I’m off to ponder some more, and probably eat chocolate chips. It happens.