First Lush Haul

So I’ve known about Lush for a long time, but as a younger person I decided their items were too expensive and that I wasn’t into that “hippie bs” of worrying about animal testing or chemicals or any of that stuff.

27 year old me is different. 27 year old me is very aware of how chemicals affect products and us as humans and everything around us. I’m way more into trying to use things that aren’t possibly detrimental to our health. I think these realizations have come not just as part of growing up, but as part of having children. You don’t want them to be exposed to things that can be avoided so easily.


For my first order, I kept things simple. I have friends who use Lush, and everyone was recommending things to me. What I really needed at the time I placed my order was shampoo and conditioner. I have really fine, thin hair. Drugstore shampoos weight it down, even the ones that claim to be weightless. My hair has been void of body for as long as I can remember. Even with the help of “volumizing” products I got very little in the way of results.
After reading reviews and ingredients and comparing shampoos, I decided to give BIG shampoo and bar conditioner a try. My order got here quickly, and I didn’t wait more than an hour to hop in the shower and give it a try. I will say that it’s strange to use a shampoo that has coarse chunks of salt in it, but it worked into my hair well. When I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair it felt squeaky clean. The conditioner bar was a bit strange to use too, but once I figured it out and was able to run the conditioner through my hair I was quite happy with it. I have to say that this is one of the best smelling shampoo/conditioner combos that I have ever used. The scent isn’t overpowering, it just smells light and clean and it lasts on my hair much longer. When my air hair dried, it was much lighter and bouncier. It had about as much body as it normally gets when I add products and blow dry it all out. I still have yet to blow dry my hair after using this combo to see what happens, but I expect great results when I do. My fiancé noticed a difference in my hair that night when he got home. It was shinier and looked healthier and it was extremely soft, not crunchy.
Its been like that, every time I’ve used it. I don’t know if it is cleaning the crud and whatever that was left behind by the drug store shampoos or what, but my hair looks and feels much better, for much longer. I will be using BIG for a long time to come.
I also ordered a shampoo bar, called New. It’s supposed to help promote hair growth for those with fine hair and breakage. I put it in a bar tin, but I really wanted to try big first, so I will give an update on New once I’ve given it a real try. It smells spicy and awesome though, so I can’t wait to give it a good try.

As for future orders, I have a list. I have a friend who has recently used the Henna for her hair and raves about it, so I might be giving that a try in the near future before she abandons me to travel to Australia with her boyfriend!! This same friend also swears by Dark Angels so I will be trying that out at some time too.

One of my goals this year was to start trying to take better care of myself. We might be halfway through the year, but I am finally starting. I feel that self care is important for everyone, but especially for moms. I know that for the last almost 8 years there haven’t been many times where I’ve put self care on a high priority. It seemed silly to worry about what my hair looked like or skin care or even just taking a few minutes every day to relax and let go. Now, I’ve realized that it’s not. Self care is a very important part of who you are. It’s helped me to keep my identity as my own person and not just a mom. Even a 15 minute shower with yummy smelling gel and a good moisturizer after, a half hour soak with bubble bath after the kids go to bed. Sometimes that is all it takes to help unwind from the stresses of every day life, and isn’t that something we all need?


Meal Plan Help

I had been a successful meal planner for about a month before I got tired of writing it all out and then fixing, making a grocery list, etc. So like any other rational person, I quit. I had enjoyed the outcome of having meals planned, it made my life much easier, but “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

It’s been almost 6 weeks since I gave birth to little Mr. Rémi and I have been having a tough time coping with the meal issues. I had to take action, but in a different route. I had to find an app for that. And upon searching for meal planning apps, I came up with a handful that I downloaded and tried for free. There was one that I was really excited to try until I downloaded it and realized I could only plan 3 meals a week for free and then would have to pay $10 a month to do all meals. I quickly deleted it.

In the end I did pay for an app called Meal Board. A whole $2.99. It was worth it though, I definitely like the app and it’s super useful!

This is the weekly menu at a glance. You can choose what meal of the day it is and even plan out snacks if you want. When you touch the meal it takes you right to the recipe.

As you add meals to your meal plan it will generate a shopping list for you. I love this. You can change the dates you want included on the list and you can even assign certain items to certain stores lists if you see anything in those flyers and want to make sure you buy it there! You can add things to the list that wouldn’t show up in recipes too bu touching the plus sign in the top right corner. Check things off as you put them in your cart and you will be out of the store without forgetting a thing.

The recipe section comes with a few recipes pre-loaded but you can add your own by touching the plus sign. You can also import recipes from some of the best recipe site on the Internet by touching the down arrow beside the plus sign.

There is a pantry section where you can keep track of what you already have in your house as well so you will know when you run out or are getting low on certain grocery items.

I’d recommend this app for any meal planners out there who want to save themselves a little time and hassle. It was well worth the small price to have an app that does everything I need aside from going to the store and paying for my groceries. When they make an app that does that I will be in heaven!

Crafty Book Review

I order crafty books and I will try to review them as I actually make items from each book. Lately, since I’ve had a baby glued to me 24-7 I have been able to work only on smaller things. This has made it a perfect time to actually give some of the patterns in this first book a try!

Crochet Boutique: 30 Simple, Stylish Hats, Bags & Accessories
By: Rachael Oglesby


I want to start off by saying that I LOVE this book. The projects are great and the photos and styling of everything is absolutely gorgeous! The patterns are laid out by type (hats, etc) and difficulty level. I found the patterns very easy to follow. They are only written, no charts for those who like them. Lots of patterns call for bulky weight yarn, so many projects are quick to work up and would be perfect for travel crochet projects.

Bonnie Beret:

Sunburst Beret:

Head wrap:

Boy Beanie:
(I also made some of these with an extra round of the main colour because I know some males with big heads and lots of hair.)

Slouchy Beanie:

I am working on the Infinity Circle Scarf too, I just haven’t been able to finish it yet because my little man has had a couple of really sucky days where I haven’t been able to put him down for even 5 minutes without him getting extremely upset.
This picture is before I frogged it and started all over again because I only did 2 double crochets where I should have done 3.

All in all I’m very happy with this purchase. While I did most of my tests in just cheap Walmart yarn, I can only imagine how luxurious some of these would be when done in better yarns! I give it 4.5 out of 5. Great, quick, gorgeous small projects for everyone.