Wednesday WIP’s

Every Wednesday I’m going to share my current works in progress. I’m hoping that taking pictures of them every week will help me to see my progress on things that are taking longer, where seeing progress on a daily basis is tough (like losing weight or growing your hair out!)

I will only share the things I’ve actually worked on at some point since the previous Wednesday when I photographed them. If it doesn’t appear it’s because I didn’t make time for it.

1. Bath mat. (Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, Off-White. Deep stash, 2012)

2. Lovey’s. (For my Etsy shop/Craft fairs this fall and early winter.)

3. Kitten Poker Socks. (Knit Picks Stroll, Cork. Stashed 2013.)

4. Mrs. Bakery Bear. (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, Lake Ice Heather. Stashed 2013.)

5. Batman Blanket. (Knit Picks Brava, assorted colours. Bought for project 2014.)

So those are the 5 projects I’ve been working on the last week. Hopefully by this time next week I will have some more done on them, maybe even some completed! Yay!


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