Cake Boss I’m Not!

It was my oldest daughters 7th birthday yesterday. And aside from having a heart attack that I, do indeed, have a 7 year old it was a good day! Okay, in reality it poured rain all afternoon, causing her party to be moved from the lake to in town last minute. Then her brother had a fit because none of the presents were for him. Aside from that tho, it was great.

The day before her birthday I was browsing Pinterest and it hit me. Why not try and make her a fancy cake?! I had bought her cake from Safeway the year before and she seemed very upset that I hadn’t made her a cake. Being very into Monster High, I searched for pictures of cakes with a MH theme. This is where I got in over my head. Well actually, I got in over my head in the baking aisle at Walmart.

I would like to preface this by letting you all know I have never decorated a cake with fondant ever in my life. I have also never successfully layered a cake. But for some reason I thought it would be perfect with less than 24 hours notice to bake a 2 tiered cake, each tier being 3 layers, buttercream frost it and them cover it in fondant. Yes, I am crazy. Not to mention I hate boxed cake so I made all 6 cakes from scratch, and made my own buttercream from scratch too. I did however buy the fondant pre made in white so I could colour it whatever to meet my fancy.

Without further ado, the layers of her cake:
Top layer

Bottom layer

And here is the whole thing stacked together:

She loved it, thank god! And after she blew out the candles we all dug in and everyone seemed to like it, so yay me. I think for the next birthday I would like to figure this all out a little more in advance so that I am not quite so rushed or stressed or asking myself “What have I gotten myself into?” at 11 pm the night before.


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