Meal Plan Help

I had been a successful meal planner for about a month before I got tired of writing it all out and then fixing, making a grocery list, etc. So like any other rational person, I quit. I had enjoyed the outcome of having meals planned, it made my life much easier, but “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

It’s been almost 6 weeks since I gave birth to little Mr. Rémi and I have been having a tough time coping with the meal issues. I had to take action, but in a different route. I had to find an app for that. And upon searching for meal planning apps, I came up with a handful that I downloaded and tried for free. There was one that I was really excited to try until I downloaded it and realized I could only plan 3 meals a week for free and then would have to pay $10 a month to do all meals. I quickly deleted it.

In the end I did pay for an app called Meal Board. A whole $2.99. It was worth it though, I definitely like the app and it’s super useful!

This is the weekly menu at a glance. You can choose what meal of the day it is and even plan out snacks if you want. When you touch the meal it takes you right to the recipe.

As you add meals to your meal plan it will generate a shopping list for you. I love this. You can change the dates you want included on the list and you can even assign certain items to certain stores lists if you see anything in those flyers and want to make sure you buy it there! You can add things to the list that wouldn’t show up in recipes too bu touching the plus sign in the top right corner. Check things off as you put them in your cart and you will be out of the store without forgetting a thing.

The recipe section comes with a few recipes pre-loaded but you can add your own by touching the plus sign. You can also import recipes from some of the best recipe site on the Internet by touching the down arrow beside the plus sign.

There is a pantry section where you can keep track of what you already have in your house as well so you will know when you run out or are getting low on certain grocery items.

I’d recommend this app for any meal planners out there who want to save themselves a little time and hassle. It was well worth the small price to have an app that does everything I need aside from going to the store and paying for my groceries. When they make an app that does that I will be in heaven!


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