Weekly WIP’s

While tidying my living room last night I realized that I have things on needles and hooks in basically every corner of the room. I have decided to show you pictures of where my projects currently are in hopes that it will kick my butt into gear! I don’t want to be in the same spots next week, and I would like a few of these to become finished objects of course.

1) Christmas dishcloth:
I started this with great intentions and had left it by my arm chair so I could work on it when my little Rémi fell asleep. Worked wonderfully until I decided that the love seat was a better spot to sit while feeding him! Then it was no longer in a convenient spot and haven’t worked on it since.
2) Chevron & Feather Scarf:
I set this aside purposely but I do really want to finish it. The reason I set it aside was because the thinner yarn is also more slippery and so it’s hard to work on when the baby falls asleep on me as I found I kept dropping stitches.
3) Infinity Circle Scarf:
This needs to be frogged and restarted unfortunately. The gauge is more off than I thought and I just can’t leave it.
4) Sunshine Blanket:
This is a blanket for my little guy. I got it to this point and then it became too large to work on without bugging him.
5) Giraffe Hat:
All I have left to do on this hat is another horn and both ears and it will be done!
6) Basic Baby Hat:
This is the first not square or rectangle knitting project, and my first use of double pointed needles. I wanted to learn on something smaller and mindless. I’m quite enjoying it.

I’m hoping that by this time next week I have at least 4 of these projects done. I am trying very hard not to cast/chain anything else on, but there is never any guarantee!


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