Weekly WIP’s

While tidying my living room last night I realized that I have things on needles and hooks in basically every corner of the room. I have decided to show you pictures of where my projects currently are in hopes that it will kick my butt into gear! I don’t want to be in the same spots next week, and I would like a few of these to become finished objects of course.

1) Christmas dishcloth:
I started this with great intentions and had left it by my arm chair so I could work on it when my little RĂ©mi fell asleep. Worked wonderfully until I decided that the love seat was a better spot to sit while feeding him! Then it was no longer in a convenient spot and haven’t worked on it since.
2) Chevron & Feather Scarf:
I set this aside purposely but I do really want to finish it. The reason I set it aside was because the thinner yarn is also more slippery and so it’s hard to work on when the baby falls asleep on me as I found I kept dropping stitches.
3) Infinity Circle Scarf:
This needs to be frogged and restarted unfortunately. The gauge is more off than I thought and I just can’t leave it.
4) Sunshine Blanket:
This is a blanket for my little guy. I got it to this point and then it became too large to work on without bugging him.
5) Giraffe Hat:
All I have left to do on this hat is another horn and both ears and it will be done!
6) Basic Baby Hat:
This is the first not square or rectangle knitting project, and my first use of double pointed needles. I wanted to learn on something smaller and mindless. I’m quite enjoying it.

I’m hoping that by this time next week I have at least 4 of these projects done. I am trying very hard not to cast/chain anything else on, but there is never any guarantee!


Crafty Book Review

I order crafty books and I will try to review them as I actually make items from each book. Lately, since I’ve had a baby glued to me 24-7 I have been able to work only on smaller things. This has made it a perfect time to actually give some of the patterns in this first book a try!

Crochet Boutique: 30 Simple, Stylish Hats, Bags & Accessories
By: Rachael Oglesby


I want to start off by saying that I LOVE this book. The projects are great and the photos and styling of everything is absolutely gorgeous! The patterns are laid out by type (hats, etc) and difficulty level. I found the patterns very easy to follow. They are only written, no charts for those who like them. Lots of patterns call for bulky weight yarn, so many projects are quick to work up and would be perfect for travel crochet projects.

Bonnie Beret:

Sunburst Beret:

Head wrap:

Boy Beanie:
(I also made some of these with an extra round of the main colour because I know some males with big heads and lots of hair.)

Slouchy Beanie:

I am working on the Infinity Circle Scarf too, I just haven’t been able to finish it yet because my little man has had a couple of really sucky days where I haven’t been able to put him down for even 5 minutes without him getting extremely upset.
This picture is before I frogged it and started all over again because I only did 2 double crochets where I should have done 3.

All in all I’m very happy with this purchase. While I did most of my tests in just cheap Walmart yarn, I can only imagine how luxurious some of these would be when done in better yarns! I give it 4.5 out of 5. Great, quick, gorgeous small projects for everyone.