Playing Catch Up

Ok, legitimately I think every day I play catch up. Nothing is ever caught up on right now between the house being torn apart for renovations and me being completely useless for housework with the end of this pregnancy. I feel like every day things just get farther and farther behind. It’s horrible for my anxiety issues!! I did, however, manage to accomplish a few things and that makes me happy because, well, because it’s better than nothing!

1. Dishes! Finally washed the dishes that can’t be out in the dishwasher. Really, Camille did it, but I dried them, so it counts.
2. Washed my laundry so that I actually had appropriate clothing to wear and also to pack in a bag for the hospital when that time comes. This is actually the first time I’ve ever packed this bag ahead of time. With all 3 previous pregnancies I rushed around having contractions and trying to pack the bag before I died of pain.
3. Found sunscreen (SPF 50 even) so now I don’t have to worry about my poor ginger children frying to a crisp when they play outside all day. Probably wouldn’t hurt for me to put some on too. They get their ginger from someone…me…and I’m already rocking quite the tan lines this year.
4. Finally sewed and trimmed up the reusable breast pads I’d had cut out for weeks. They needed to be ironed. I didn’t want to iron, so they sat. Today I made damn sure to do it.
5. Cut and upcycled my daughters 2 pairs of jeans. They were too short for her, but still fit in the waist. I turned one pair into this skirt:

And the other pair got hemmed up into shorts for her, but then I thought they were too plain. I remember seeing these pocket bows on Pinterest and Instagram so I decided I would give them a shot:


Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to make the most of my evening. The kids are in bed (seriously fresh air all day is the best thing ever!) and Camille is finishing building a deck at his parents. In all likelihood I should finish seaming that granny square baby quilt, but I don’t know that I can bring myself to do it right now. I’m off to ponder some more, and probably eat chocolate chips. It happens.


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