It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!

Still here, still pregnant.

Well it’s been a mostly beautiful week outside so I have been spending lots of time outdoors with the kids. Nothing tires kids out more than a day spent outdoors! We have made an ant home in a bucket, we have found weeds with purple leaves that seem to all need to be picked. Today we decided to use the sidewalk chalk to draw pictures on the trampoline and played a little bit of golf.


(It was a little breezy today so our fun outside required hoodies!)

When not busy with the kids exploring the great outdoors, I have been busy trying to finish this granny square baby quilt that I’ve been working on on and off for the last couple months. I started it and got what I thought was a good chunk done and then quit until this week. Very like me. I have unfinished stuff everywhere! Unlike me, I have picked it back up and am attempting to actually finish it. Not just whenever, but preferably before I go into labour. I have about a million and one other things I want to crochet next but I am holding off until this blanket is done. I know lots of people have tons of projects on the go at all times, but if I allowed myself to do that then I would really never finish anything!


I’ve also been doing some magazine reading. I am just going to come out and say this but I am very jealous of the UK sometimes. I read lots of magazines that are published there and I feel like I would fit in so much better with them than I do here! There is just all kinds of lovely things and they seem to still be into vintage and handicrafts and skilled baking or cooking. I don’t want to say they seem more old fashioned, but they seem to appreciate the lifestyle we used to have a lot more than most North Americans do. Oh! Plus I have a big love of tea. I have found nothing quite beats ending the night with a cup of tea and a browse at some of the gorgeous goods in magazines published overseas.


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