Don’t Have Sex Because You Will Get Pregnant and Die

I never thought I’d wish I had taken that quote from Mean Girls more seriously! No, I’m not dying, that would be evil for Camille. Can’t stick him with 4 kids and move on to the pearly gates alone! I just, like most people I would imagine, get anxious towards the end. Anxious that I will go into labour somewhere public or sometime when I can’t reach Camille right away. Or over the weekend the UFC is in Winnipeg. That would be the real kick in the box. I already can’t go see them live, would be a shame to not be able to order them as well.
Aside from feeling worse pregnancy wise, I do feel like I actually accomplished more with my day than I have in quite some time. I made homemade buns for lunch:

And they turned out fabulous as usual and made my house smell delicious.
I also forced myself to sit down and finish all the rest of the square joining on the baby blanket, so now all it needs is the 2 rows of border and it is complete!

The kids were bathed, Morgan showered, I even unloaded the dishwasher of clean dishes and loaded it back up with dirty ones! Shocking considering I’m fairly certain I haven’t emptied the dishwasher, before most of the clean dishes have been used again that is, in at least a month. Hell, I even used the crockpot and started supper this afternoon which was a huge stress reliever for me. I got to catch up on some of the crafty podcasts that I subscribe too and even managed to download and read the first few pages of the new issue of The Simple Things, which hit my phones newsstand today.

And now the kids are in bed/jammies and watching a movie. The men folk are attempting to put the bay window back in the living room. And I am going to relax and work on the blanket border and bake THESE banana cinnamon cupcakes, I believe. She posted them on Instagram earlier today, then blogged the recipe and they look delicious and I have bananas perfect for them. Destiny!


Playing Catch Up

Ok, legitimately I think every day I play catch up. Nothing is ever caught up on right now between the house being torn apart for renovations and me being completely useless for housework with the end of this pregnancy. I feel like every day things just get farther and farther behind. It’s horrible for my anxiety issues!! I did, however, manage to accomplish a few things and that makes me happy because, well, because it’s better than nothing!

1. Dishes! Finally washed the dishes that can’t be out in the dishwasher. Really, Camille did it, but I dried them, so it counts.
2. Washed my laundry so that I actually had appropriate clothing to wear and also to pack in a bag for the hospital when that time comes. This is actually the first time I’ve ever packed this bag ahead of time. With all 3 previous pregnancies I rushed around having contractions and trying to pack the bag before I died of pain.
3. Found sunscreen (SPF 50 even) so now I don’t have to worry about my poor ginger children frying to a crisp when they play outside all day. Probably wouldn’t hurt for me to put some on too. They get their ginger from someone…me…and I’m already rocking quite the tan lines this year.
4. Finally sewed and trimmed up the reusable breast pads I’d had cut out for weeks. They needed to be ironed. I didn’t want to iron, so they sat. Today I made damn sure to do it.
5. Cut and upcycled my daughters 2 pairs of jeans. They were too short for her, but still fit in the waist. I turned one pair into this skirt:

And the other pair got hemmed up into shorts for her, but then I thought they were too plain. I remember seeing these pocket bows on Pinterest and Instagram so I decided I would give them a shot:


Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to make the most of my evening. The kids are in bed (seriously fresh air all day is the best thing ever!) and Camille is finishing building a deck at his parents. In all likelihood I should finish seaming that granny square baby quilt, but I don’t know that I can bring myself to do it right now. I’m off to ponder some more, and probably eat chocolate chips. It happens.

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!

Still here, still pregnant.

Well it’s been a mostly beautiful week outside so I have been spending lots of time outdoors with the kids. Nothing tires kids out more than a day spent outdoors! We have made an ant home in a bucket, we have found weeds with purple leaves that seem to all need to be picked. Today we decided to use the sidewalk chalk to draw pictures on the trampoline and played a little bit of golf.


(It was a little breezy today so our fun outside required hoodies!)

When not busy with the kids exploring the great outdoors, I have been busy trying to finish this granny square baby quilt that I’ve been working on on and off for the last couple months. I started it and got what I thought was a good chunk done and then quit until this week. Very like me. I have unfinished stuff everywhere! Unlike me, I have picked it back up and am attempting to actually finish it. Not just whenever, but preferably before I go into labour. I have about a million and one other things I want to crochet next but I am holding off until this blanket is done. I know lots of people have tons of projects on the go at all times, but if I allowed myself to do that then I would really never finish anything!


I’ve also been doing some magazine reading. I am just going to come out and say this but I am very jealous of the UK sometimes. I read lots of magazines that are published there and I feel like I would fit in so much better with them than I do here! There is just all kinds of lovely things and they seem to still be into vintage and handicrafts and skilled baking or cooking. I don’t want to say they seem more old fashioned, but they seem to appreciate the lifestyle we used to have a lot more than most North Americans do. Oh! Plus I have a big love of tea. I have found nothing quite beats ending the night with a cup of tea and a browse at some of the gorgeous goods in magazines published overseas.